The ESENet objectives can be mapped onto the key words identified in the 2012 work programme of the Security program:

2012 SECURITY WP key words ESENet
…establish an End Users Forum in order to stimulate the cooperation between providers and users (police, fire brigades, emergency services…)… These is the main activities set as sub-objectives 1 of the project and related to the activities in WP2 . The organisation of the project workshops in WP3 and WP4 are also responding to the request for fostering the cooperation between stakeholders.
…at each level of interoperability as presented in the figure The agendas of the project workshops have been already defined in order to cover all the layers of interoperability defined by SECRICOM and reported in the Work Programme.
… for the use of public safety communication and information management systems to detect gaps and to ensure that the new technologies and tools to be developed fit their needs; All the targeted ESENet network members have responsibilities in managing Emergency Services in their Regions, including communication at many different levels (from citizens to ES, between ES and from ES to citizens), as well as responsible for the information management system at their PSAP.
… for users requirements to be collected, assessed, compiled, updated, quantified and made available at EU level on a regular basis; ESENet will not only collect user requirements, but also lesson learnt and requests for starting discussions on new issues. The results of the workshops will be updated every 3 months and made publicly available; moreover, the mid-term and the final report will summarise for the EC both the status of discussion and the needs that should be tackled with new initiatives (either legal or based on new research)
… to avoid shortfalls by analysing organisational issues, policies and behaviours issues which may lead to obstacles to interoperability. The topic at the agenda of the ESENet workshops fully cover these aspects (e.g. lesson learnt) and are supposed to serve as a way of identifying gaps and shortcomings in legal frameworks, standards and technologies
… to list available standards at each level from highest organisational levels operational processes and policies, as well as technology level and to allow for convergence across Europe. The range of users already working with the project partners can ensure that convergence at European level will be sought; The final report delivered by the project on the roadmap for future initiatives will surely serve to confront the highest political level with the clear voice of end users.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme
for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 313013